Meet the crew

Here at Tall Ships Youth Trust we’re all one crew.

Whether our people are based onshore at our Portsmouth hub, offshore, or are trustees or volunteers, we’re all sailing the charity together to change young lives at sea.

Below, you can meet some of our key people who are making sure we’re all heading in the same direction — constantly learning, innovating and challenging ourselves, to achieve the best positive outcomes for young people.

Alastair Floyd

Chief Executive Officer Offshore crew, Onshore crew

Derek Yandell

Volunteer Mate Offshore crew

Amelia Ralphs

Head of Sailing

Jo Cox

Harbour Master at Port Stanley in the Falklands

Paul Taylor

Finance Director Onshore crew

Kirsty French

Director of Youth Development and Outdoor Learning Offshore crew, Onshore crew

John Farndell

Head of Operations Offshore crew, Onshore crew

Ali Renn

Head of Fundraising and Marketing Onshore crew

Gary More

Finance, Data and IT Manager Onshore crew

Sarah Mardlin

Voyage Resourcing and Reservations Manager Onshore crew

Mike Collier

Fleet Readiness and Maintenance Manager Offshore crew, Onshore crew

Diana Bunescu

Growth and Retention Executive Onshore crew

Sue Geary

Skipper and Youth Development and Outdoor Learning Lead Offshore crew, Onshore crew

Anna Jakob

Growth and Retention Executive / Mate Offshore crew, Onshore crew

Hannah Langley

Individual Giving and Membership Lead Onshore crew

Joanne Stewart-Clark

Philanthropy Lead Onshore crew

Jennifer Farrant

Philanthropy and Fundraising Lead Onshore crew

Ali Warr

Trusts and Grants Fundraiser Onshore crew

Heather Allan

Fundraising and Operations Support Onshore crew

Kathryn Fenner

Finance and HR Administrator Onshore crew

Sarah More

Finance Administrator Onshore crew

David Aisher

Chairman Trustees

Simon Edwards


Nick Andrews


Kiera Nazarin


Andy Martyn


Julian Brown


Martin Layng


Jim Prendergast

Skipper Offshore crew

Terry Standing

Skipper Offshore crew

Paul Wise

Skipper Offshore crew

Matt Stiles

Skipper Offshore crew

Amy Ferrier

Skipper Offshore crew

Ian Rowlands

Skipper Offshore crew

Tony Martin

Skipper Offshore crew

Josh Jones

Skipper Offshore crew

James Atwell

Mate and Fleet Bosun Offshore crew, Onshore crew

Riley Brookes

Youth Support Worker Offshore crew, Onshore crew

Hugo Goodman

Mate and Fleet Bosun Offshore crew, Onshore crew

Edyta Wozniak

Reservations Administrator Onshore crew

Bolade Adebayo

Digital, Engagement and Marketing Manager Onshore crew

Ellie Crowson

Marketing and Content Lead Onshore crew

Sophie Crocker

Skipper and Mate Offshore crew

Adam Price

Skipper and Mate Offshore crew

David Thompson

Skipper and Mate Offshore crew

Giles Ferrier

Mate Offshore crew

Jon Leeding

Mate Offshore crew

Rebecca Gueno

Mate Offshore crew

Luiz Provin

Mate Offshore crew

Bob Footer

Mate Offshore crew

James McCannon

Mate Offshore crew

Martha Kneebone

Mate Offshore crew

Charlotte Mossop

Young Ambassador and Watch Leader Offshore crew