Our Challenger yachts

Our four 72ft Challenger yachts were built in 2000.

They’re famous for having raced twice round the world in the Global Challenge races.

Global Challenge

The Global Challenge was a round-the-world yacht race run by Challenge Business, the company started by Sir Chay Blyth in 1989.

It was held every four years and took a fleet of one-design steel yachts, crewed by ordinary men and women, who were led by a professional Skipper and paid to take part.

Part of the race went round Cape Horn and through the Southern Ocean where winds can reach 70 knots. It was unique in that the race took the westabout route round the world against prevailing winds and currents – often referred to as the ‘wrong way’ route.

Today, they provide the perfect environment for sail training — an exciting and extremely safe place for everyone onboard.

Challenger from above

The layout


Young people in saloon

Living areas

The yachts are comfortable below, with an airy seating area (aka saloon), well-equipped kitchen (galley) and two toilets (heads) with showers.

The sleeping area is open plan with snug bunks (pipe cots) and your own storage area.​

Further details


The Challengers can take up to a maximum of 18 crew:

  • Skipper
  • Mate
  • Two Watch Leaders, two Watch Assistants, Youth Mentors
  • Up to 12 voyage crew (that’s you)

You’ll always have a Skipper and Mate and at least one Watch Leader onboard. However, you may not have Watch Assistants or a Youth Mentor, depending on the type of voyage.


The Challengers were built in 2000 and raced round the world in the Global Challenge races. They’re perfect for sail training as they are very safe. Each Challenger is certified ‘Category 0’ by the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA). This means they have the safety features, equipment and capability to be sailed anywhere in the world!

All voyage crew undergo thorough safety training and vessel familiarisation before setting sail. Lifejackets with integral harnesses and good quality waterproofs are provided.

Codes of conduct are in place and our sailing staff ensure a positive, supportive and encouraging atmosphere is maintained throughout the voyage.​

What do I need to take?

For a quick guide to ‘what to take’ view our Challenger kit list.

For a more in depth understanding of life onboard visit this page or download our Challenger crew handbook for everything you need to know.​

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