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Our purpose

Out on the ocean, we empower young people to realise their full potential, supporting them on their journey to adulthood and for some, careers in the maritime sector and blue economy.

Sail training and maritime qualifications

As well as offering young people the chance to develop life skills and embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle, our voyages can also open young people’s minds to a newfound passion for sailing.

We’re one of the UK’s largest issuers of Royal Yachting Association (RYA) certificates, awarding more than 500 each year. In addition, up to 20% of the young people who sail with us are recommended to return and train as a volunteer, giving them the opportunity to support others and work towards a career in the maritime sector.

Over the years, we’ve supported many young people who have pursued careers in various different fields, such as Harbour Management, the Royal Navy and even Yacht Design. The skills they acquired while sailing with us have helped them to navigate their Maritime Careers.

Maritime careers spotlights

Jo Cox

Jo Cox

Harbour Master

sophie crocker 1

Sophie Crocker


MG 7714

Amelia Ralphs

Head of Sailing

Lessons for life at sea.

Not only do our voyages teach young people how to sail, but they also help to develop teamwork, leadership, communication and other essential life skills which are transferrable to any career path.

On our voyages, young people also learn about safety, responsibility and respect for the environment – values which are well thought of in any workplace.


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