Entry One

In the last 38 hours we have learnt how to rig a boat. We also slept in bunk. As well as that we did sum sightseeing around Newcastle. However we didn’t properly sail as we only used the engine. For tea yesterday we had pasta bolognaise and garlic bread, breakfast this morning we had toast and cereal.

We went to an art gallery, which used to be a flour mill. We went to a lift and all of the girls got scared on the lift. It went really fast. We also went on a lift bridge. It was very flexible. The bridge had the capability to move up and down, when it was going to move up, people kept walking on and annoying us, so the bridge couldn’t go up.

After we saw the bridge go up then down, we disconnected from the pontoon, we made our way back to the Royal Quays where we were moored originally. We then had to wait for the dam to open so we could moor up. For tea we had pork potatoes and broccoli.