Day 1 (Monday 11th) - by Kayden and Brennon

We left Gunwharf at 14:30, we sailed across the Solent and we learned:

. Sailing

. Tying ropes

. Raising the sails

. Tacking 

. Helming

. Stowing the sails

. Checking the Solent for other boats 

. Mooring

. The weather (calm with a slight bit of wind)

We had fish and chips for dinner. The day was good and spirts were high!

Day 2 (Tuesday 12th) 

We had breakfast first, then we cleaned the boat and went to the beach where we found a crab claw and lots of cans. 🥺 We prepared the boat and were nearly ready to set sail on the deadly seven seas (the Solent) to Yarmouth.

We learned how to raise the main sail, which was hard work, we did a lot of so called sweating (no pun intended) and we learned how to tie knots. We did a bowline knot, a clove hitch and a round turn and two half-hitches. We all enjoyed pasties for lunch while sailin, the food has been great so far. In other news, I hope we don't lose in the England vs Hungary game.