Thank you for the absolutely amazing support you have given our Calmer Waters Appeal. We still need your help until our youth residential voyages are able to run again and to make sure we are still here to do so, we have extended our appeal target to £160k.

Please Help us to navigate our way into calmer waters and Beyond 

As a valued friend of Tall Ships, you can be very proud of what we have achieved together to transform thousands of young people’s lives, over the last 64 years.

After our turbulent 2017, we recovered our financial position, and made our first profit for 17 years last year. We have also grown the charity to reach out to an increasing number of young people, 78% of whom are disadvantaged, and most of whom have had the most dreadful start to their lives. But we are now facing another huge challenge.

Together we can continue to grow and reach out to more young people in the next 64 years and beyond

As you will understand, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a terrible impact on the charity. We have been forced to stop operating our vessels completely until August. Whilst we have turned the charity around over the last 2 years, we still do not have the reserves to take us through this unprecedented economic shock. Our cash flow has plummeted and, whilst we are seeking as much relief as we can from government, potential creditors and lenders, this is unlikely to be enough to see us through the current crisis.

Our aim, right now, is to be here when the dust settles, so we can continue our life-changing work, and for this, I am asking for your urgent help, please. The government have already admitted that the young, excluded, and economically disadvantaged people will be the worst affected by this pandemic. We believe therefore that the need for our work with disadvantaged young people will be greater than ever when the dust has settled.

Please Help us to continue our journey

 Our target is to raise £160,000 so that we can ride out this storm and still be here to continue to help the young people in our society who are in so much need, who will probably have a greater need when this pandemic subsides.

From all of us at the Tall Ships Youth Trust, especially the young people you are helping, and will help, a huge thank you for your continued support.